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If you are looking for a book to help get your life back on track and overcome the obstacles of life,
Finding Joy In The Journey is For you!

This book is an inspiring collection of personal stories from 90 phenomenal authors about how to find joy in our everyday lives. The subtitle: Healthy Ways to Find Joy During Difficult Times says it all. Each phenomenal author, his book is an inspiring collection of personal stories about witnessing the Divine in daily living.

Have you ever found it hard to find joy amid life’s trials and adversities? Well, you are not alone. Each author shares how they have found true joy.

After reading this book you will walk away inspired and ready to take on the day. We all have to find our joy every day. This book is available in two versions, paperback or audiobook.

Four reasons why you should read this book

​ "Finding Joy In The Journey

1. This book is inspiring, uplifting, and motivational. Reading this book may inspire you to find joy during difficult times.

2. This book shares stories about how to find joy in daily living. The authors share their own personal stories on how they have found true joy amid suffering, pain, suffering, and adversity in life.

3. This book has a wide range of experiences that have been shared. It isn’t just one person’s story but many people from different walks of life sharing their own journeys and the things they have learned along the way.

4. This book offers great insight from those who have been through difficult times, so it will be helpful for those also going through similar situations as well as loved ones supporting them.

Life is not all about the destination, it's also about the journey. The book "Finding Joy In The Journey" is a great read for anyone who wants their life to have more meaning.

Who is this book for?

Everyone needs to find joy in their life. We all go through difficult times and we need hope and inspiration.

Anyone who likes self-help books will enjoy this book.

This book is for people looking for ways to find happiness and hope during difficult times.

This book is for those who are looking to find joy in their everyday lives.

Anyone who wants to learn about the power of gratitude when life gets tough.

Those looking for books on love, hope, understanding, and acceptance to overcome any obstacles they may be facing right now can benefit from this book.

About Best-Selling Author Alvina Ryan

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If you know anything about Alvina, she believes in the power of prayer. In April 2020, Covid -19 created a shutdown in our communities. Instead of feeling down, Alvina wanted to do something to motivate. She contacted her friends and women she knew to write a chapter in her upcoming book.  She envisioned it to be a collection of prayers. These prayers are designed to uplift and elevate the spirit.

Alvina’s dynamic leadership, vision, and editing capabilities lead to a successful project with over 50 women contributors in Canada, the USA, and the Caribbean.  Alvina formed a group of EMPOWERED WOMEN to share their stories of deliverance and empowerment through writing. This book called iPray On Purpose Because was published in November of 2020 and was printed in both Canada and the USA.

Her second book iTestify On Purpose Because has over 40 contributors from Canada, the USA, the Caribbean, and even Africa. It is a collection of testimonies that demonstrate God’s goodness, grace, and mercy towards us.  He is faithful and when we call on Him, He answers.  Everyone who reads the book will truly be blessed.  This book is scheduled to be published in November of 2021.  

The goal of "iTestify On Purpose Because" is to inspire others through the sharing of stories, testimonies, and experiences.  No matter what faith or religion you belong to, everyone can benefit from its messages.

Alvina is also a co-author in the best-selling book “Finding Joy In The Journey Vol. 2”.  This 90-day devotional is meant to elevate the soul.  Many people are grieving and many people are suffering.  This book will help you to find the joy you may be missing in your life.  It is important to find your joy and to find it in everything you do. 

Alvina’s desire to create a scholarship to support women with their dreams became a reality in September 2021 when the first scholarship named EMPOWERED WOMEN SCHOLARSHIP AWARD was presented.   If you would like to donate directly to this scholarship please contact Alvina at
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